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Strategic Business Planning 



The health of privately held businesses in the United States is one of the foundations of our economy.  These companies are a powerful source of growth, innovation and job creation.  Unfortunately, the talented individuals who run these businesses generally fail to understand a universal fact of business life……they will leave their business. In order to prepare for this eventuality, business owners need to plan early.

Not ‘business planning’ in the sense of a marketing plan or implementing new technology…The type of planning I am referring to addresses the foundation of business planning: how to protect and preserve what you have worked so hard to build while at the same time planning for the successful exit from your business. 
Consumed with the day-to-day operation of their business, other important topics like business succession, buy/sell agreements, disability, business continuation, tax strategies, etc. are frequently neglected.
Intellectually, owners understand these are very important issues. But they don’t make them a priority. In today’s environment time is the most precious commodity. Business owners who are focused on their company will typically push these topics to the back burner. Postponing this planning can often have devastating consequences that can affect the financial well being of both you and your family.
But what if there was an easy solution? What if a business owner could invest about 90 minutes to sit down and review important issues, goals, objectives or concerns that can affect their business without any slides, charts or workbooks?

Our process cuts through the jargon and needless steps and focuses directly on what is important to you......your personal goals and objectives for you and your business.


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