Business Exit Planning

What Is Transition Planning?

Transition Planning is the holistic approach to designing an exit strategy for a Business Owner so he or she will receive maximum value for their life’s work and reduce the risk of taxes.

There are many tools available to help individuals get into business, but few that help them get out. Our process uses a customized comprehensive approach to designing and implementing a business owner’s successful exit from his or her business. Transition Planning uses an owner’s unique personal objectives to convert his or her current reality into the desired outcome. The Transition Planning Process helps maximize the financial return, minimize tax liability, plan for contingencies, and increase the likelihood of a successful transfer of the business. 

At L. Tucci Financial, LLC, we understand the challenges and sacrifices it takes to maintain and grow a profitable business.  But without the appropriate planning - by qualified professionals – you will arrive at a time in your business life when you may want to cash out and may not have the degree of financial readiness necessary to do so. Planning early will provide you the option, on your terms….to cash out and move on.

The value of our process is focused on:
1 - Maximizing the value of the business upon sale or transfer
2 - Minimize the tax burden with innovative tax strategies
3 - Keep our clients in control for as long as they want to stay in control
4 - Minimize the risks generally associated with the transfer of a business
5 - Work to fulfill our client’s legacy and allow them to focus on what is important to them.

 "We help our business owner clients plan for the what may be,  the single most critically important financial event of their lives.. the transition out of their business."